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Tattoo your Scar: Transform your Story

A scar is much more than a mark on our body... a scar speaks of battles won, of experiences, of transformations, of painful and overcame moments, but also of courage because the person who has it knows that this mark is part of a version of herself that will no longer return, but that surely made her stronger, in many ways.

When we go through a plastic surgery process, it is logical that certain scars remain, which can become a reason for shame because we feel dissatisfied and insecure about our Taappearance. However, just as a scar remains on the skin forever, there is also a solution that can transform it and give it a new meaning:

A tattoo over it or integrating that mark into the tattoo, creating something totally new, artistic and much more aesthetic. So, if you are thinking of a method to turn around that part of your body that does not make you feel comfortable, we are going to clarify any doubts you may have.

We know that scars can have various origins, but the purpose of a tattoo on its only one: to improve substantially what we see and do not like, which, without a doubt, will bring a different vision and, in addition, will increase the self-esteem, because the focus that we will give it will be very different.

Most scars can go through a process of this type, but it is mandatory that you consult your doctor about its evolution to find out when the tissue is fully healed. After your doctor confirms the above, the next step will be to find a professional tattoo artist, preferably with extensive experience with scars. In this, spare no resources, the idea is to improve how it looks and if you choose someone unqualified, the results may be reversed because tattooing on a scar is much more complicated and delicate than doing it on smooth skin.

Experts recommend waiting 12 to 18 months to get a tattoo after having the scar, this is for several reasons: the process will be safer (avoiding the possibility of infections), the pain will be less, the ink will mark much better and the result It will be very close to what you expect. It is important that you be patient and that your desire to see yourself better is never a trigger that could affect your health: if you have less than the required time, if the scar has a strong reddish tone or is inflamed, it is not yet the time to get a tattoo!

Observe the evolution of your skin, little by little it will take on a color that is a little more similar to the tone of your healthy skin and the closer it is to that tone, when you get the tattoo, everything will look much better.

It is important to take into account these recommendations that we point out, to help you make the decision:

  • There is no doubt that getting a tattoo on a scar hurts more (the area is sensitive), but everything will depend on your own pain threshold and the expertise of the tattoo artist.

  • The procedure will likely require more than one session to achieve the desired look, as it is difficult for the ink to fully penetrate the scar tissue.

  • Obviously, you are going to need a greater amount of local anesthesia, to overcome that pain.

  • Check carefully if you want it in black tones or in color, because certain colors, when impregnating the skin with scars, tend to change their tonality.

  • Because scar tissue is harder, when the ink does not go all the way in, it can deform the tattoo. That is why you should ask your tattoo artist everything you want, verify the design and the possible transformations that could occur.

  • The care you must take is the same as if you had gotten a tattoo on smooth skin: avoid sweating, do not touch it, use the healing cream that is indicated, do not expose yourself to the sun, use warm water and neutral soap to wash it.

At Dr Cosmetic we always want you to go for your best version, both physically and internally, and we can make a detailed evaluation of your case, recommend experts in the field, and guide you in this process of transforming your wound into a work of art that changes your story.

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