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Smile Makeover in Dominican Republic

To smile with no fear!

Surely you’ve heard a lot about the "Smile Design" since it is one of the dental aesthetic changes, which has been most marketed lately and it is common to see a famous person, from one day to the next, wearing a really perfect smile. And so, although it seems like a method reserved for an elite due to its modern and expensive nature, we are going to explain here what it really consists of and everything you need to know about this wonderful way to change the appearance of your face.

Smile design or "Digital Smile Design" is a method that dates back a long time, but has become more noticeable because it now has technological advances, which means that the patient can see almost in its entirety, how their new smile looks, with these procedures that modify the shape, dimensions, color and even the position of the teeth.

The technology used is a computer software (DSD), which analyzes your smile and then modifies it through different dental models adapted to each person. Several photos of the teeth are taken, to then digitally design that perfect smile that you have dreamed of so much.

Obviously, you as a patient are approving together with the doctor or even making comments on how you want the color, among other options.

Who doesn’t dream of having a perfect smile? Because although the eyes are part of the lyrics of many famous songs, the smile is not far behind and it is that it also inspires the muse of great singers and even poets. However, here we are not only talking about aesthetics but also about health problems that can occur when the teeth are not balanced. Let’s first see some of its benefits in terms of health:

  • Corrects the bite: This drastically improves chewing problems, which is why you will also see improvements in digestion.

  • It rearranges the position of the teeth: perfecting the dental alignment and, therefore, the correct hygiene (it reduces the accumulation of food and allows a better use of dental floss).

  • Restores the lip muscles: by including a dental prosthesis and improving the appearance of the lips and mouth in general.

And now we are going to see the aesthetic benefits, which, although they are obvious, perhaps you did not know their full scope: you will have dental symmetry that will allow you to smile with confidence, speak better, eat freely without hiding your mouth, everything the above with the logical consequence that you will have a more aesthetic and youthful appearance.

The types of Smile Design are varied, depending on the level of changes you require, but we can find:

  • Non-invasive smile design (it is not complex, long or painful. It mainly consists of teeth whitening, which will give an important turn to your appearance).

  • Orthodontic smile design (involves tooth movements, orthodontic treatment and more time to see results, but they will be well worth it when you see them!).

  • Smile design with dental veneers (if you don't need a very structural change, this could be your method: thin sheets of porcelain that are placed on your teeth, first performing a minimum carving on the enamel. People will ask you why you look amazing!) as well!

  • Complex smile design (involves decisions by several specialists, because in addition to orthodontics, surgery or implant placement may be necessary, but the results will be amazing!).

The decision about which of the types of design is the most suitable for you, you should only make it in the hands of experts who have the necessary certification and, in addition, with the latest technology that allows you to see a very real approximation of how you are doing to stay. The combination of the professionalism of your doctor, their avant-garde technological resources and their human quality to listen to you and understand how you want to see yourself, are key when selecting in the hands of whom you are going to leave something so important.

A good specialist, like the certified ones that are part of the Dr. Cosmetic Inc team, will give you a comprehensive, in-depth and thorough assessment of the changes you want to achieve and will not impose anything that you do not want, since we know that the way in which want to see you is something very personal, but it will surely give you various options to ensure that the type of design is adapted to your real needs and, especially, that the final results surprise you and that your smile speaks for you.

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