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Plastic Surgery: A Successful Process that Does Not Depend Only on the Doctor.

When someone says: "it looks like she had surgery", "she had to have plastic surgery to look like that", "that waist, it's from plastic surgery", "she didn't have a nose like that" and so we could continue citing said phrases by women who criticize or judge others, for having decided to change their appearance through a scalpel.

Let's go back to basics, what is plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery deals with patients with a healthy state of health and its purpose is the correction of aesthetic alterations with the aim of obtaining a better body or facial appearance and attenuating the sequela of aging. Sounds good, sounds easy right? And some people, in addition to judging those who decide to have surgery, often say that patients who undergo a surgical procedure "went the easy way."

But, let's be clear, most of the patients who opt for plastic surgery have gone through many previous tests before deciding to take that step and this process, because it is a process, implies too many instances that must be taken into account for it to be successful.

When we defined what plastic surgery was earlier, we did it with the intention of highlighting a phrase that is fundamental in all of this: plastic surgery deals with patients with a healthy state of health... And here we have to stop because a large percentage of operations that become complicated occur because the patient has hidden some health situation from their doctor and when they are already in the operating room, everything gets out of control.

Many times the networks of Dr Cosmetic consult us about the most complicated surgery to carry out and it turns out that when all the cards are on the table and both the patient and the surgeon have played them well, it is very difficult for something to come out wrong because both have conjugated a very important verb here: trust.

Trust is earned with experience and if your doctor is an experienced doctor, who listens to you carefully and responds to all your concerns, with proven suitability to practice, in a place equipped and prepared for any emergency, with a first-rate team, with advanced technology and you, as a patient, have entrusted your entire medical history, you have done the required prior tests, you have listened, understood and accepted the scope of your operation and the consequent appearance you will have after it, both They will have built the foundations so that your time in the operating room is a complete success.

Always remember that successfully living a transformative experience of this type does not depend only on your doctor, there are too many aspects involved in plastic surgery and it is conditioned, not only by the experience and expertise of the surgeon, but also by many inherent factors to the patient himself: previous state of health, particular healing of his skin, compliance with postoperative care and the most important thing from the beginning: choose a doctor for your surgery that you trust.

At Dr Cosmetic, we carefully select each of the surgeons that are part of our team, all of them have a previous professional history full of successful transformations.

And now all you have to do is decide on one and tell them with confidence and total sincerity, how you feel about it health and how you aspire to see yourself after your plastic surgery.

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