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Dr Cosmetic: The Best Plastic Surgery Coordinator in the Dominican Republic.

Are you thinking of coming to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery? Don't know where to start? Are there many details of an operation, plus the trip? Can't decide on a specific doctor? Don't know how many days you should stay? Will you have to buy some kind of material? Should you hire a nurse to care for you the first night? Will you need lymphatic massages?

You have arrived where you had to arrive:

To Dr Cosmetic Inc, a plastic surgery coordinator in the Dominican Republic, who simply does everything for you, so that your process is as simple and less stressful, because traveling and having surgery do not have to be synonymous with concern.

Dr Cosmetic was born as an idea from Anneris Marte, a Dominican businesswoman, who six years ago perceived the need for patients to have a comprehensive, professional and human guide at the time of surgery and also, as a written support for all this, documented all the details that must be taken into account, in her "Beautiful Guide": a book that is invaluable at the content level, since it really offers an emotional, physical and logistical map of the stages that a woman will experience, who bravely decides to transform her body through plastic surgery.

This plastic surgery coordinator in the Dominican Republic begins by opening a free door to patients, as she provides an analysis of their case free of charge, with a complete quote that can be obtained by calling or writing to the networks of Dr Cosmetic Inc.

Having the endorsement of Dr Cosmetic means having a range of medical options at your fingertips because twelve of the best doctors in the Dominican Republic are on your team, all with specializations in the most renowned universities and members of SODOCIPRE, the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery. , Reconstructive and Aesthetic, which accredits them as surgeons with proven abilities to exercise their profession with suitability.

After selecting the doctor of your choice and requesting your quote, your transformation journey begins, but you will not be alone on this journey, because the Dr Cosmetic team will coordinate everything so that you can be emotionally and physically prepared for your surgery: your flight, your arrival, accommodation, your first check-up, surgical intervention, your postoperative care (recovery site, nurses, girdles, massages), hyperbaric chambers to speed up your recovery, oxygen therapy, among many other benefits that you will learn from the hand of the most complete coordinator of plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to all of the above, Dr Cosmetic puts at your disposal the already famous "plastic box", another of the creations of this coordinating company of plastic surgeries, which brings you absolutely all the basic post-surgical implements that you will need, to be comfortable. And without any kind of unforeseen.

The CEO of Dr Cosmetic, Anneris Marte, believes that the more a woman is informed about all the stages she is going to experience when undergoing surgery, the details of her intervention, the risks, the exams she must take, the process it will become absolutely easier and more bearable, for this reason, within its free and permanent services, there is the valuable content that it provides to hundreds of women, in the various networks of Dr Cosmetic: interviews with surgeons, orientations, new treatments, state-of-the-art technology, doubts or frequently asked questions, among many other current topics in the world of plastic surgery.

In addition to professionalism, the level of responsibility and organization that characterizes this important coordinator of plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, its most differentiating element

is the humane treatment they give each patient, since they see each one, not as a number more on a

list of clients, but as human beings with a history, with expectations and vulnerabilities typical of those

who yearns to look and feel better and therefore are always treated with the responsibility and ethics

they deserve.

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