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Dominican Republic: Ideal Destination for Plastic Surgeries.

Many patients are excitedly packing their bags to travel to the Dominican Republic looking for a very special tourism: They don't go to the beach, they go for health tourism on this beautiful island, which is no longer known only for its spectacular landscapes, but it has become an obligatory reference when it comes to cosmetic surgeries. And is that, according to reliable information from the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Sodocipre), around 80 thousand surgical procedures are performed in this country related to this item.

Among the most sought after procedures for plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, are:

Liposculpture, fat transfer to the buttocks and breast surgeries and, ultimately, these are the areas of the body that give more work to women, before deciding to undergo such a change.

At the beginning of this "boom" that catapulted the Dominican Republic as one of the preferred destinations for plastic surgery, probably the reasons for choosing it were the much cheaper cost compared to other markets and the strategic location of the island, which makes it close to many other countries. However, the current reasons are based on a much more solid foundation: the doctors of this region are projecting themselves as a guild with a very high level of training and proven professional experience.

Although all this seems new, the Dominican Republic had been silently preparing for this since 1977, when the Specialist Training School was created at the Salvador B. Gautier Hospital and much later, its students began to study at the best universities in the region. , to later do specializations in other iconic cradles of plastic surgery such as Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela.

After all this evolution, medical tourism here generates an economic gain of approximately 265 million dollars a year, but the Dominican Republic was not only satisfied with creating an offer of specialized doctors, but was the first to offer packages of plastic surgeries that include absolutely everything and when we say everything, it means everything: from the previous preparation of the patient, to the procedure itself, the recovery and even the air ticket.

And it is that if in itself, undergoing cosmetic surgery implies a certain level of stress or anxiety in most patients, what better than to deliver all the details of that trip into trustworthy hands? Without having to worry about anything, because there are companies like Dr Cosmetic, which even offer a printed guide with carefully selected details so that all the anxiety that the patient might experience is transformed into accurate, reliable and useful information to make this tourism by health, be the bridge to get home with your best version, both physically and emotionally speaking.

The testimonials of the patients are always oriented towards the fact that they have received personalized and comprehensive care: "If I had to undergo surgery again, I would undoubtedly have my plastic surgery done in the Dominican Republic. Everything became much easier and simpler for me when I decided to leave everything in the hands of the Dr Cosmetic team. They even picked me up at the airport, they guided me at my first medical appointment, in the exams, during the operation and in recovery. I was able to select my doctor myself and I was not wrong. I really felt at home."

The "Medical Tourism index" (World Tourism Index), which measures the ranking of medical tourism, places the Dominican Republic as the destination with the most projection in the entire Caribbean and also places it in the prestigious number two position, among the Latin American countries most sought after for health tourism (additionally, it was ranked number 19, among all the countries in the world).

If we add to all of the above, the fact that the island is investing in state-of-the-art technology, both in terms of opening modern medical centers (hospitals, which include hotels within their facilities), and in very innovative cosmetic surgery techniques.

We have an ideal mix so that you can get your plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, since it is a very safe health tourist destination and with the best price-value ratio.

Maybe you don't know how to start this path, but you are just one call away from Dr Cosmetic to, through a free analysis of your case, obtain your quote and prepare your bags towards your transformation, into the best destination for health tourism and with a team dedicated to making that path easier for you.

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