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Doctor Nathaly Bello Dominican Republic: The Chief of the Tribe

Doctor Nathaly Bello has a "tribe" of women who trust her and who have given her dreams of seeing themselves transformed and beautiful, thanks to plastic surgery.

She is a young, charismatic and empathetic woman who combines these qualities with extensive experience in the operating room and, furthermore, extensive professional training.

Doctor Bello studied at the Universidad Central del Este, at the age of 16, obtaining outstanding grades and graduating with honors in 2009. Later, in 2011, she entered the distinguished hospital (Hospital Central FF.AA), where she specialized in General Surgery and in 2016 participated in post-surgical patient nutrition courses in Guadalajara, Mexico.

But his training did not stop there and in his efforts to continue improving through his studies, he specialized in "Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery" at the Carlos J. Bello Hospital (Venezuelan Red Cross), endorsed by the prestigious Central University of Venezuela and there, he obtained numerous awards for his outstanding work as a resident physician.

One of Dr. Nathaly Bello's specialties is

High definition 3D liposculpture and she herself has mentioned that both she and her team focus on "making art in the operating room" and it is enough to see the results of their patients with some silhouettes that show a "before and after," simply amazing.

Doctor Nathaly Bello is aware that most of her patients tend to appear thanks to "word of mouth" marketing and that their best publicity is them, when they share with others the results, the good treatment and the care that the doctor puts into each case. One of the cases he works with.

Her patients describe her as an attentive doctor, who listens and who also explains in detail the type of scope that plastic surgery will have, in order to help them measure expectations, seeking to bring out the best attributes of each particular body, but always based on the patient's own potential.

Like all the doctors who are part of Dr Cosmetic, Dr. Nathaly Bello, has the endorsement of being a member of SODOCIPRE, the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Dominican Republic and you can see her artistic transformations in our networks.

We are sure that when you see her patients, you will want to ask Dr Cosmetic for a study of your case, with a free quote, to be part of Dr. Bello's tribe.

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