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Doctor Manuel Torreira Dominican Republic: Designing Abdomens of Steel

Dr. Torreira is a young doctor, but with great experience, who combines all his professionalism with a gift of service and care for his patients, and this has paved the way for him in the field of plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic.

He completed his studies as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), he belongs, of course, to SODOCIPRE, the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

When you look for Dr. Torreira's profile on the official Dr Cosmetic Inc website, you will be able to see the diversity of surgical procedures he has developed:

Liposuction, abdominoplasty, "mommy makeover", breast lift with implants, breast lift without implants, otoplasty, breast reduction, thigh lift, arm lift, rhinoplasty, buttock lift, among others. However, within the surgeries for which Doctor Manuel is most sought after and recognized, we have 4k lipo and abdominal marking.

Let's just say that the transformations he has achieved are simply amazing, leaving his patients, both women and men, with an absolutely flat, defined and marked abdomen.

For him, all these changes are possible, as long as the patient understands the importance of the prior preparation that he must have before surgery: from things as simple as increasing the daily intake of water, to having the medical authorization of the pulmonologist, cardiologist and anesthesiologist, increase the consumption of proteins and fibers, increase physical exercise, have all the pertinent tests done. If the patient smokes and consumes liquor, stop these habits fifteen days before the operation and likewise stop the use of contraceptives one month before.

This care that the doctor gives to his patients is reflected in their testimonials:"If you are looking for security, first-class personalized attention, professionalism, an impeccable result, but above all that your health, comfort and well-being are the most Doctor Torreira is important, it's all you need. I had breast reduction without implants, lipo and bbl and I am super happy, more than satisfied with your work."

Doctor Manuel, obviously, is one of the best Dr Cosmetic surgeons and you can find him on our official website, where you will get a free quote for your case and finally achieve the look you want.

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