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Doctor Guichardo Dominican Republic: Shaping Dream Waists

All the patients who have gone through the professional technique of Doctor Guichardo have something in common: a dreamy, enviable and narrow waist, and it is that it seems that the doctor worked magic on their bodies, discovering a silhouette that was hidden and that is that later After going through the operating room and the scalpel of this renowned doctor, the transformations are amazing.

Doctor Guichardo has traveled a path full of professional successes, with the recognition and gratitude of his patients, who assure that he is, in addition to a great doctor, an excellent human being and it is common to hear them say that always, before the operation, he puts everything in God's hands. This frequent act of spirituality, mixed with the security and detail with which the doctor explains how each step of the procedure will be, have made him one of the most trusted surgeons among women in the Dominican Republic and in many parts of the world, who They arrive at the island looking for a forceful physical change.

Doctor Guichardo completed his undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Medicine of the Ibero-American University of the Caribbean (UNIBE) in the year 2000 and his specialty was carried out in Plastic Surgery at the Central Hospital of Social Security Dr. Miguel Pérez Carreño in Caracas, Venezuela between 2006 and 2008. In addition, he has a postgraduate degree in Oncological Surgery at the Heriberto Pieters Oncological Hospital.

The list of procedures in which Doctor Guichardo is an expert and has accumulated so many years of experience, is very extensive and ranges from plastic surgeries of all kinds on the body, to surgical procedures on the face such as

Labiaplasty, rhinoplasty, facelift, among many others, but among the transformations most sought after by his patients are liposuction, lipo 360 and abdominoplasty.

Doctor Guichardo is a member of SODOCIPRE, the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and obviously, is part of the renowned team of Dr Cosmetic professionals and to contact him, you just have to call or write us and you will get a free analysis and quote for your case. To be part of the incredible transformations of this well-known doctor from the Dominican Republic.

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