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It’s 2017 and the booty is back in!

Every celebrity seems to be flaunting their curves and putting their assets on display. Now this leads to the question of the day: how did they do it? Those who have admitted to enhancing their curves attribute their new booties to butt injections (which we will talk about later in this post) But not as many women openly admit to getting a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL procedure.

Well I’m not a celebrity, but let me be the first to admit…I GOT A BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT! I come from a family of curvy women with large hips and large butts. Me, on the other hand, got the short end of the stick. A flat booty with no curves. A year ago, I took matters in my own hands and got a BBL. I feel sexier than ever! Of course, life afterwards was filled with change. Adjusting to my procedure, changing wardrobe, etc. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. If anything…maybe I should have went larger on my butt.

Still not sure what a BBL is or if this is the right procedure for you? Well, have no fear…Dominican Republic Cosmetic Surgery Consultants has you covered! We’re here to answer all your questions about getting a Brazilian Butt Lift and give you the insight you need to decide if this procedure is right for you.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure where your surgeon transfers body fat from other parts of your body and deposits that body fat into your butt. BBL procedures consist of three parts: Liposuction, Fat Processing, and Fat Reinjection.

Is getting a Brazilian Butt Lift right for me?

Part of the decision to undergo a BBL procedure is personal. Every person individually has body concerns that they want to address by getting a BBL procedure such as a sagging buttocks, disproportionate body measurements, weight loss, etc. If you are considering getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, Dominican Republic Cosmetic Surgery Consultants highly recommends speaking to your doctor to determine if you are in good health and have enough fat to successfully perform a BBL procedure.

How do I choose a surgeon for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

For a lot of women, selecting a surgeon can be a difficult part of the journey. It is not a decision you can take lightly because you are literally putting your bodies and your lives in your surgeon’s hands. So, you need to be very careful in selecting a surgeon.

A great first step in selecting a surgeon is going on sites such as RealSelf to look at surgeon reviews. This will give you real feedback from real people. We recommend always finding a surgeon with proven experience with Brazilian Butt lifts. While Cosmetic Surgeons, can perform a wide variety of procedures, it is best to go to someone who specializes in the procedure you are seeking.

Another important note is to find a board certified plastic surgeon. Again, this is your health, make sure the person doing the procedure knows what they are doing. To find a listing of board certified surgeons in the Dominican Republic, please visit

One thing we absolutely do not recommend is making you decision based on price. While being on a budget is generally great, picking a cosmetic surgeon is not the time to be cheap. Looking for a surgeon based on price can affect the quality of their work which directly affects you!

How long does it take to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lifts typically takes about 2-5 hours to complete. Surgery times may vary based on factors such as the amount of fat that is needed to transfer, complications, etc.

What is the recovery time for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The recovery time for a BBL varies, as different surgeons recommend different recovery times. Generally, surgeons do not recommend sitting or laying on your buttocks for the first 2 to 4 weeks post operation. During your first six weeks (at least) you must wear a compression garment which assists in reducing the amount of bruising and it aids in the loose skin shrinking in the areas where you had liposuction. Doctors also recommend that you avoid taking hot baths or entering hot tubs for the first month of recovery. It is also recommended that you get massage therapy for the first 6-12 weeks of recovery.

What about pillows for recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

As stated, it is not recommended to put any pressure on your butt during your first few weeks of recovery. But why? Well, your transferred fat is very fragile in the first few weeks after surgery. Putting pressure on the butt could lead to fat cell death. So what can you do? If you need to sit down you should use a pillow for BBL recovery. This helps alleviate the pressure put on your butt which gives your fat cells a chance to re-establish its blood supply. We at DRCSC recommend using a boppy pillow, Booty Buddy® or the BBL Pillow®.

Will I need to redo my Brazilian Butt Lift over time?

Most women do not feel the need to redo their BBL over time. Some, however, do go for another BBL to further enhance their butt. Approximately 60% of the fat transferred after your procedure stays in your butt, while the rest is reabsorbed in your body.

If you are concerned with getting a redo for your BBL please contact a consultant at Dominican Republic Cosmetic Surgery Consultants or speak with your surgeon regarding their policy.

What are the alternatives to a Brazilian Butt Lift?

There are other ways to obtain a larger, fuller butt. One way, as mentioned earlier, is to get butt injections. We do not recommend this procedure for a variety of reasons. First, butt injections are illegal to get and not regulated. Women are not aware of what is being inserted into their bodies. This can cause health complications and even death. Also, many people who give these injections are not certified which is concerning. These procedures can be done anywhere. Many women have reported getting these procedures done in a basement, which can be really scary for women getting the procedure done.

Another alternative to BBL is getting butt implants. Butt implant surgery involves the placement of artificial implants either over or under the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. If this is something you are considering, contact your surgeon to ensure you are a good candidate.

You said you got a Brazilian Butt Lift? Do you recommend it?

Yes. Absolutely! 😊

We hope that this information was helpful to you all!

Here’s to a better booty, and a more confident you!

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